Las Vegas… how will we respond?

If I can just share my heart here for a moment… I think the most difficult thing in these moments of tremendous pain and evil is for us as a nation to actually respond.  I don’t mean react; no, to actually RESPOND.

A response comes from a core value of actually understanding what is going on.  That means we actually have to sit in it… allow the hurt, and the pain, and the mourning to be real.  It means we have to LISTEN to what is being said, not only by the people that are hurting because of loss, but by those that are trying to be a voice on both sides of the equation.

For me, it is so frustrating to see the politics behind gun control on both sides revving up to a fervor … both sides digging in for another battle … Are we even aware of what is going on?  Do we even care to listen to each other, or are we actually simply interested in our agendas… guns are at fault, guns are not at fault.  Safety and control, freedom and rights.  If there were no guns… If everybody had a gun…

Like we can predict and control evil…

[I worked in the intelligence space for many years, and one of the constants as analysts attempted to predict the future was this: it is impossible to predict the future… but I digress…]

Now, I understand that there is so much tension because the very mechanism of our government is the “politics” that are supposed to bring the very change, or defend the freedoms we have.  But it also brings about so much division, each side rushing to defend it’s own stance and territory … I’ve heard people say, “don’t bring in politics”, but I wonder, how else will there be change for the better?  Or are we leaning on politics that is dividing us when we should be ourselves being agents of change that we want to see?

Honest confession: As a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA, my initial reaction is to dig in for another fight.  Fight through another onslaught of agendas and frustrating conversations that would label me a crazy person for supporting the right to bear arms.  I do not blindly stand where I do… It is very hard to stand in support of guns when guns played a large role in another tragic shooting, but I firmly do.

HOWEVER, this is not about that.  No, I don’t want to react and put my walls up to simply spew my 2A supportive arguments.  No, my walls are down and I’m listening.  I’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt…. that the intention of the politics that I sometimes so loathe is actually because EVERYBODY wants a safer America.  I’m willing to listen and hear the pain of those whose lives have been devastated by the freedom I so strongly support.  Is the freedom worth it?  Will giving up some of my freedom even make a difference?  Evil has a way of getting done when evil wants to get done.  What is the root issue?  Is it really guns … is it heart issues?  Mental issues?  Terrorism?

What I do know: I’ve been married now for 17 years, and what I’ve learned is that what makes this marriage work is compromise.  Both my wife and I have to be willing to compromise in many areas in order for our UNION to survive and thrive.  In different areas that affect our lives, we both could dig our heels in for a fight… heck, we both could even be right, but in the end we would be wrong and our UNION would suffer for it.   Can we learn a lesson here?

So I’m here, willing to discuss, willing to listen, willing to compromise… is anybody on the other side willing to do the same?

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Culture inside-out

“You will always reproduce the environment around you that you cultivate within you” – The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton & Bill Johnson

If you’re doing a double take while scratching your head after reading the above statement, join the club!  The statement above sounds amazing, looks amazing, reads amazing… but what does it actually mean and what are we supposed to do with it?

We spend a lot of time talking about “culture”.  What exactly is it?  Over the course of my home, work and ministry experience, I’ve heard countless people talk about how important “culture” is… but as important as it is claimed to be, it is even more difficult to actually cultivate and sustain it.  I’ve been a part of many organizations, public, private, ministry, and yes, even my own household, where culture is discussed, white boarded, planned around, preached on, taught about… but is not evident in how people talk, or behave.  What is the purpose of culture if it is just merely spoken of but not lived in?

I remember when I was working at a small company (~ 100 employees) and we were bought out by a larger public company.  The larger company’s CEO came and gave this incredible speech, talked to us about his company’s “culture” … and believe me, I was sold, drinking the kool-aid.  But what I quickly realized is that the lower man on the totem pole had nothing to do with what had been claimed as the company culture.  And yes, this happens in all types of organizations, even churches, and yes, even my own home.

So what is the solution?

Well, I’m glad you asked.  It is the quote above that I believe is the solution to culture.  Many times we think of culture cultivation (and enforcement) as an outside job, complete with boundaries, rules, and behaviors.  But really, culture is an inside job.

For a CEO who wants his company to be know for it’s community, that will only happen when each person in that company actually buys in and believes in community.  Or else you have somebody who is bound by rules and trying to behave separate than what their internal values are.

Here is the truth: we are who we are, and eventually, it shows.  And it influences those around us as well as the people we come into contact who learn how to behave around who we are.

What is my point?  We have to realize that culture is a heart matter just as much as it is a mind matter.  We have to stop trying to force culture and stop trying to sell culture.  It has to be caught, bought, and believed.

And that starts with me, and it starts with you.  Living it, doing it, believing it, ESPECIALLY when nobody is looking, because that is the true test of what we actually believe and who we really are.

So I saw let’s talk about culture, but let’s focus on how we can cultivate it within ourselves first, because it will naturally influence the world around us.

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I thought I was Just, but really I was just Jealous

I’ve been in plenty of those meetings.  You know, the ones where it seems like the spotlight of love is on that one person… oh the stars are aligned over their head, all the attention and favor is pouring over them on a rainbow road lined with glittering unicorns oozing mint ice cream.

Ok, so I may be exaggerating just a wee bit… But being at Bethel’s Supernatural School of Ministry, there were a lot of those kinds of meetings!  Mostly because the school is a school of powerful leaders, world changers, and history makers.

To me, it appeared that those that were the most aggressive to be seen, were actually the ones that were given the most praise… I began to feel the Holy Justice of God rising within my spirit man like the Shekinah Glory Cloud enveloping the OT Tabernacle.  That Holy Justice  [Amen] that holds up the throne of God.  Something needed to happen, so I did it: I began to judge those that were ‘seeking attention’.

I was pretty confident I was being anointed with the Justice of Heaven.  To fight for the ones that don’t have a voice: that are introverted, shy, humble, i.e. more HOLY.

And then the Father reminded me that favor isn’t fair and that even though I thought I was being just, the more accurate word to describe me was JEALOUS.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.   Instead of celebrating the breakthrough of people around me, I was jealous of that breakthrough.   How ironic that God’s heart is for us to rally around and celebrate the breakthroughs we see around us, and I was too jealous to do that very thing.

It’s not easy when the people around you walk in the very breakthrough that you so desperately want… but that is character: walk humbly, celebrate them genuinely, and know that God is a good Father who is simply adding interest to the breakthrough you need!

PS: [most of this blog is satire, unfortunately except the parts about me being jealous]

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Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be an extra for the upcoming film: Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress.  The entire experience really shifted things inside of me and helped me discover some of the passions inside of me, especially related to media & film.

This was my first time being an extra (or involved in any sort of feature film) so I had no idea what to expect.  All I knew is that the film was ‘faith-based’ and based on the ‘A Pilgrim’s Progress’ novel.   I really wanted to be involved, not because I want to be an actor, but because I love arts & entertainment, and I know that part of my destiny is closely knit with media, music & film.  So I guess you could say that my involvement was a small prophetic step towards my destiny!

Again, I really had zero understanding of what I was getting into … the only information I had was when I was supposed to report to get fitted for costume and the days that I’d be needed on set.

Day 1:  My first day filming was late July and the cast & crew had already been filming for a couple weeks.  So… stepping into a frantic, well oiled machine was already an experience in of itself.  Kinda like everybody is in their groove, going 100 miles an hour, and I’m just trying to figure out if I’m in the way.   I show up to get fitted and the part I’m playing is a guard for one of the bad guys in the film.  So that meant layers and layers of costume … Not too uncomfortable, but definitely not cozy.  It was then time to load up an RV with other talent and extras and drive 40 mins in costume to a ranch where the set was located.   Thank GOD the ranch had trees and shade!  There were 2 other extras with me and we were just standing around for a long, long, long, long… long time.  What I


Armor and makeup.  It wasn’t heavy at first, but having to wear it all day definitely wore me out!

really learned about film is that so many things factor into the shooting… and things happen, plans change, delays happen.  We were supposed to shoot, so we got makeup, and then we stood around some more, and some more, and some more.  One of the stars was supposed to shoot a certain scene, got into costume, make up, only to find out that the shot wasn’t going to happen because lighting wasn’t right.   What really stood out to me was how flexible everybody was, how eager everybody was to help each other, and how gracious cast & crew were.  I mean… I was just an extra, but we were all family.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s a faith based film, or because it’s a smaller budget, smaller cast & crew, but I was so blessed by how I was treated, and the culture on set.  Finally, with the sun setting, we were able to shoot our scene.  Literally 1 min of shooting!  But I wasn’t mad… in fact, I felt so thankful to just be a part of what was happening!

Day 2: My second day on set was during the last week of filming.  I could definitely see the wear and tear on the cast and crew!  Still, the culture on set was the same:  family, love, serving and joy!  I was excited for this day because there were a bunch of extras and we were all supposed to film a battle scene!  Again, layers and layers of costume, and the drive out to the ranch for filming.  Right as we all pile out of our cars, the crew immediately tells us to get out of our ‘warrior’ costumes (which takes us a while to get in) because we’re going to first be playing dead people.  So we then proceed to remove the layers and layers of costume and get put into new outfits and makeup.  Now, I don’t act… I’ve actually never taken any formal training… but I would never have guessed just how difficult it actually is to play a dead person!  To stay still is actually pretty difficult… and to do it in the hot sun with bugs and branches … through multiple takes.  By the time we were done, the sun was too low, which meant the battle scene was postponed to the next day.

Day 3: Day 3 was our battle scene, only, it wasn’t really a battle scene.  It was all of us warriors running down a hill, yelling, stopping, and then turning to chase the ‘good guys’ while, you guessed it, yelling.  It was hot, the costumes were hot, and we had to yell our battle cries every time we came streaming down the hill.  It definitely is hard work keeping up the same amount of emotion for every take!

This was definitely a fun shoot sequence, both with wide angle and a close up takes.  During the shoot, the director mentioned that there might be some green screen work the following day… so I signed up!

Day 4: Green screen work – final day of shooting.  We were told to report at 6pm, so we arrive, get into costume and then wait, wait, and wait some more.  The team was delayed so we actually didn’t get started shooting until past 10.  This was actually the most challenging though as this required some acting. We were each positioned in front of the green screen and the director called out different emotions we were supposed to show.  Acting is definitely no joke… the director made no promises… who knows if any of my takes will actually make it!  The green screen shots were the last thing that was needed… it was fun to celebrate with the cast and crew.

All in all, it was such an amazing experience. I learned so much, and as I said, discovered deep passions inside of me related to media, film & music.  I know this experience really activated something in my spirit!  It was also so cool to meet the different stars … actually, two of them are big stars in Korea.  Here is a picture with Cha In-Pyo.  20170727_190238(0)He’s a famous actor in Korea but you would never have known it.  He was always serving, always helping, so approachable, and he loves Jesus!  And he was just one of many actors who genuinely love the Lord.

Check out the latest interview with the Director:

The movie is tentatively set to come out summer of 2018.  Hope you will catch it!

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What do you expect?

One of my recent breakthroughs dealt with the lens of expectation.  During the past season of major transition (changing jobs, selling our house, moving to the other coast, new community… new EVERYTHING), there were a WHOLE LOT of unknowns.  It seemed as if every step was either a hard left or right around a corner, and I could not see what was waiting there beyond the turn.  What was there?  Was it good?  Was it bad?

I realized that a lot of the scenarios that were running through my head were pretty bleak and grim.  Like I expected to turn the corner and the answer to my unknown situation would be a dark and scary alley.  157308612                Even my prayers were already asking the Lord for strength and help as I navigated the dark and scary alleyways that hadn’t even actually happened.  I had already determined in my heart and mind that the result of all the unknowns would be… in a word… bad.

Man… How sad it is to be in a place where every scenario comes out bad?  Where I was already assuming that the outcome of all these different turns would be hard and difficult.   Talk about a downer!

I realized that something was wrong when I actually remembered that I am an eternal optimist.  The glass is ALWAYS full for me, and the fact that I was doom and gloom made me realize that these negative thoughts were not my thoughts!

So I did something I actually should have done from the very beginning:  I asked God what was around each of the twists and turns and unknown situations I was coming upon.  The fun thing that happened was that not only did God speak to me, He also spoke to my wife the same thing.  That our entire family was to expect GIFTS AND SURPRISES!   The Lord gave my wife a vision of our family opening presents and as she shared it with me, the Lord was confirming in my heart His answer to my question: Around each unknown corner is something GOOD!  HE then spoke something very clear to me.

“If you believe I AM who I say I AM, then you should not face unknowns with fear and dread, but with joyful expectation”

I realized that my expectation of the outcome was a direct reflection on how I saw my Father… is He a GOOD Father who gives good gifts, or a mean Father who looks for reasons to punish?

My perspective instantly shifted and I started to imagine that around every unknown corner was a beautiful space of life, creativity, joy and fun!  80060553-beautiful-view-of-scenic-narrow-alley-with-historic-traditional-houses-and-cobbled-street-in-an-old-

That each turn would bring beauty and adventure.  That the unknown was not a scary place to fear, but a new adventure where God would prove Himself to be good and faithful.

[Fast forward a year] This past year has been nothing short of exceptional.  Where we once faced unknowns, God took the opportunity… I even feel like He relished the opportunity to demonstrate His PERFECT LOVE and ABOUNDING GOODNESS.  Gifts and Surprises at every turn… unexpected connections… wonderful relationships … profound encounters.

He is who He says He is, and He is ALWAYS GOOD!



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Missions to South Korea

It’s been 4 months since I was in Korea and the memories are still so vivid!  To say my life was changed through this trip would be an understatement, but I’m going to try to process through my highlights there and take you with me on a brief journey of words and pictures.

Before this trip, I had been in Korea a total of three times.  I was born there and came to the US when I was 18 months.  I went back as a 3 year old, and the last time was over 17 years ago for an overnight layover coming back from a mission trip in the Philippines.   Let’s just say that, in my mind, this was my first trip to Korea.  Sohui had been to Korea as recently as last year, and after all that she shared about her trip, I was so eager to go!

Our team consisted of BSSM students from the US, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.  Lots of Korean Americans on this trip which had never happened before … so we knew God was up to something big!


Our team at the DMZ.  First strangers, ultimately forever FAMILY!

I am 100% Korean (shocker I know) but I speak korean with the proficiency of a 3 year old.  I didn’t know what was going to happen…but I had big dreams of how I wanted God to use me.  I guess you can say I had visions of God using me to save the continent, bring unification, peace and the salvation of the world…

no really…

Meeting with Artists and Entertainers

We had the privilege of meeting with various celebrities, artists and executives from Korea’s entertainment industry.  In the very beginning, I was extremely frustrated because I couldn’t speak the language… how was I supposed to save the world when I couldn’t even communicate with the person in front of me?  But over the course of the evening, what I witnessed was a group of people, hungry for God and deeply in love with Jesus.  These were CEOs, Directors, American Idol and K-pop finalists, all gathering together simply to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I learned a very important truth that night: God was ALREADY moving in Korea and not only did He NOT need me and my broken Korean, He was inviting me to witness what He was already doing in Korea.  In short: God is moving in a powerful way through arts and entertainment!




North Korea

Another amazing opportunity we had was to visit with ministries focused on sending the Gospel to North Korea, and the unification of North and South Korea.  I was humbled, amazed, broken, in tears, and every other emotion hi as I listen to those who have given their lives to send the gospel to North Korea, and who are interceding for the unification of the country.  Again, God was inviting us to participate in what He was already doing…in fact, He was inviting us into what He’s been doing for the past 20-30 years!  These men and women have given their blood, sweat and tears to see the entire continent of Korea saved and unified.  Because of the nature of what they do, I can not share details, but I was filled with so much hope!  I can say with confidence that Korea will not only be saved, but will be also united in my lifetime!!



We also had the opportunity to visit the DMZ (border between North and South Korea).  We were literally on North Korea soil!  The picture above is of a North Korean soldier, standing at attention, only a couple hundred yards from where we were standing.  I was so overwhelmed with compassion and hope for the North.  Even as news came of our US ships steaming toward the isolated country, I have nothing but hope that God is moving.

Drop Box Ministry

Another huge privilege was to visit with the Pastor that began the Baby Box/Drop Box ministry.  Some of you may have seen the movie DROP BOX (Trailer: that is available on Netflix.  There are really no words to express what is going on here; just watch the film!  The pastor, through his own trial and hardship of having his son born severely handicapped, began receiving unwanted and abandoned babies that were literally being thrown away.  His ministry is not only saving these babies, but focused on bringing healing to families, loving on disabled orphans, and changing the government structure surrounding adoption.  We had the privilege of meeting with the pastor and his staff, and visiting his ministries.  It was life changing to see the love and compassion of Christ in action, and how it is changing the world!   It started as a simple ‘Yes’ by this amazing man, and his work is now spreading across the globe and influencing governments!


What an incredible honor to meet him and to pray for the orphans and children in his ministry.


I wanted to share two testimonies that really stood out during our trip:

  1. A famous Korean rapper’s 2 year old daughter was in a coma.  In fact, this rapper was supposed to be apart of our gathering but couldn’t attend because his daughter was in the hospital.  We learned about it that evening and our entire team prayed that the daughter would wake up.  The next day, we were ministering at a church and the artist and his wife showed up to receive prayer.  Our team began to declare in faith that their daughter would open her eyes and wake up.  Later that evening, we received word that after they received prayer, the parents returned to the hospital… to see their girl out of the coma, wide awake, sitting up in her hospital bed.  Their girl simply told them: ‘I saw Jesus’!!!!
  2. One of our team members (Nicole) is an AMAZING dancer.  While we were ministering to children, she began to dance over them.  Freedom broke loose in the room and the kids (who had never danced before) began to dance.  Later, one of the older girls shared that as Nicole began to dance, something broke free inside of her and there was no longer any fear or shame!  This girl who was afraid to dance was now freely dancing in front of everybody!  Even better, as she shared her testimony, other children began to share how they also wanted to be set free so they could dance… We’ve heard updates from these children recently and they are walking in freedom and dance!


    Nicole dancing during worship


From the moment I set foot on Korean soil, my heart knew that I was home.  For so long I had rejected who I was out of shame… now I fully embrace who I am, and I am in love with myself!  The Lord really opened my eyes to how He sees Korea, with all the gifts and redeeming qualities we Koreans have.   I have so many more stories and memories, but will simply say that my life was forever changed!

My last story:  there is a cemetery dedicated to foreign born missionaries who have given their lives for Korea.  As we walked among the tombstones, some of which represented multiple generations of missionaries, the Lord reminded me that no sacrifice unto the Lord is in vain.  These men and women gave their lives to see the Kingdom of Heaven invade Korea.  I was moved as the Lord reminded me of the great cloud of witnesses that are continuing to intercede for my home country of Korea, and are waiting in expectation of how we will walk in their legacy to see Korea saved and  united once again.

I know this is just the beginning of the journey for me…

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Family Core Values

We recently develop our Family Core Values.  These are the things we want our family culture to be, and what we want each family member to experience in our daily family life.

I wanted to post our core values to hopefully inspire you to do the same with your family,
or even just for your own list of personal core values.   We painted them onto a canvas that is now hanging in our living room, in plain sight of our daily activities as a family as a constant reminder of how we expect each other and ourselves to behave.

  • We speak the truth in love
  • We honor and build up one another
  • We laugh and have fun
  • We serve one another with joy
  • We say I’m sorry and I love you often
  • We are intentional about gratitude
  • We value both feelings and process

As we’ve entered in a new season, God has given us the grace as a family to draw closer to each other and to create the culture we want to see our family live in.  God is so interested in our families and in the process we go through to become what He wants us to be.

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Created to be

Who are you?  Who are you?
The question that was long before and will remain long after your life is no more, and yet the answer that so many seek can simply be found inside of you.

It’s not just a myth, or some made up fairytale of false appearance, or a cruel longing never meant to be satisfied

No, it is the reality that is more real, more true, more available, more liveable than the air you breathe.

You are beauty, purity, power, and freedom
You are loved by a God with such an everlasting love, a love that is so fierce it consumes all things.
And it is consuming your heart now as you awaken to the passion of One who has all things, yet would so quickly, so inexplicably, so unreservedly lay it all down to woo you to himself, just for the chance that you could know the love.

There is One who is pulling out your beauty deep inside,
Getting rid of all desire to strive,
For in Him you are fully alive,
With nothing to hide.

You are the bride worth fighting for,
From the beginning of all days there’s nothing He’s wanted more.

I don’t know what you’re looking toward,
But everyday with you is the joy of His reward,
It’s what we men are cheering you on for,
To be fully known by our heavenly Lord.

So we your fathers and brothers implore you,
This is your Season to Soar,
To move past the Shore
Of impossibilities,
Out far Over the Waters of doubt,

And to catch a glimpse of the God who long looked over the sea of the impossible to impregnate you with a new thing.

Will you trust Him?

This is who you are,
This is who you are created to be.


The journey IS the destination

I graduated college in the spring of 1997 with bright eyes and a CAN-DO attitude to change the world.  I started working for a well known consulting firm and from that point on, through most of my career, the mantra was always, “The end justifies the means.”

The finished product… the final numbers … the end results … these were the things that my performance was judged by.  As I moved from place to place, it was a lot of the same thing: It doesn’t matter how, just get the results that are wanted.

I realized that even as Christians, we let this influence how we think and act as we do the work of the gospel.  I myself have justified unfruitful behavior for the bigger picture goal.  I mean, it’s okay to sometimes bend the rules, or just be slightly unfair, or judging in order to protect the end goal, right?


Let me say it again just to be absolutely clear:  NO!

In my personal journey, when the going got hard, it was easy to fix my eyes on a target in the future and then just try to survive to get there.  When we were trying to sell the house, pack, get ready for school on the West Coast… each time I was just in survival mode… trying to hit each checkpoint…

It’s all good if I can get to each check point right?   I mean, God wants us on the West Coast so I have to just do whatever I can to get there… right?   Me obeying God starts with me doing everything I can to get to the goal that God has set before me, right?

I quickly learned that survival mode for me meant death… a life that was void of joy, peace and love.  Probably not a fun person to be around, for my wife or kids especially!  Even in a season of transition upon transition, if I heard myself saying, “just get to the next checkpoint” I realized I was putting myself in a situation to just focus on the end goal, and not how I was getting there.

For me, it’s not just getting there, it’s how you get there.  Accomplishing the goal shows grit and determination, but getting there well shows character and integrity.  No, I want to get there well, learning through the process, displaying character and integrity.  The life I lead is day by day.  I can not simply erase who I am during the in-between moments of life goals.  Not in the eye of God and not in the eyes of those around me.  Will my moments of triumph erase any hurt and pain I cause the ones I love, even if I do it for their benefit?

I know now that Jesus is more interested in how I display righteousness, kindness, grace, patience, peace, joy, love and faithfulness in every situation, no matter how small or how big.  That having to accomplish a big task (even if it’s for God) doesn’t give me any right to turn off who I am… and even if I could turn on or off good character, it would cause me to seriously wonder who the real me was!

The Bible asks in James if fresh and salt water can flow from the same spring?  How I live in the moment of day to day, in the little tasks, IS the place of accomplishment.  That is where the ones closest to me see the real me, and where I can allow the fullness of God to be displayed in my life.

The best thing is: the greatest results happen when you priority the process.

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3 Keys to a good journey

I’ve learned a thing or two about the journey… I’ve been going through a season where all you are looking for is the finish line, the end goal, the ‘hurry up and get me there already’ place.  It’s easy to loose sight of the importance of the manner in which we arrive.  Not everybody believes that the process is just as important as the destination.  I’m not here to change your mind… but I do want to share some tips for those of you that think the same as I do.  I believe that the manner in which we conduct our business during our journey speaks more to the content of who we are, then the simple fact of where we end up.  How we got there more defines who we really are then where we got to.

Here are the 3 things I’m learning to apply to my own journey …

  1. Stay humble.  There’s nothing like a wife to keep you in check.  There would be days when I’d come home, the man of the house, after a hard days work of earning the bacon.  I’ll come in all puffed full of pride, with my manly beard (hey, for an asian), hair full of wind, come home to my bride, waltz over to her, grab her in my arms, lean in for a kiss… only to hear her say, “you stink”.  “All of this…” she’ll say.  And then she’ll waive her hand around my entire face… meaning all of my face, including my hair.. so pretty  much everything above my shoulders… “don’t even think about kissing me until you take care of that“.  I’m like.. what is that?  And she’ll waive to my entire face again and say, ‘that’.Stay humble…. Don’t judge, don’t think you’re better than what you are. The only way to stay teachable and to continue to grow is to stay humble.  You’ll miss the mysteries of God that come forth in the humble, child-like things if we think we’re above those things.
  2.  Serve those around you.  Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. Do you know how dirty their feet were?  They would walk on roads with dust, dirt and camel dung.I love my oldest daughter. We were walking in NYC and she wasn’t paying attention and I hear her say, “ewww,  Daddy I stepped in Chocolate”.  She reaches down to the bottom of her shoes and pulls the substance off.  I get closer and tell her, “babe, that’s NOT chocolate”.  She’s like, “well, what is it?”.  I’m like… what is it?  SERIOUSLY?  What is brown, looks like little chocolate pellets, but is on the sidewalk where lots of homeless people roam?   And I do what any other father would do, I ran away!

    Jesus set the ultimate example for us all.  He lowered himself, served His own disciples by washing their dirty, stinky, dung covered feet.

    I honestly believe we are called to disciple nations by rising to the high places of authority in all spheres of influence.  But we must also pay attention to how Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom model of living: by serving one another.  Serving not only allows us to demonstrate love, it helps in keeping us HUMBLE.  Remember that word?

  3. Serve with a Joyful heart. If it was me washing the disciples feet, I would probably be thinking these thoughts:  Simon Peter, you’re going to deny me and you come in here with YOUR stinky feet?  Thomas, you doubter, how could you not see that camel poop?  Judas, you are going to deny me… how dare you even…And yet Jesus was able to serve them because he had humility & honor in his heart.  He saw his disciples, in that moment, through the Father’s heart.  All the good…all the destiny, all the love.  And He sees us for who we are created to be, not what we are not.  He sees our dreams, our destiny, not our failures.

    We must also peer into this world through the eyes of the Father.  See every situation through His hope filled, loving eyes, so we can serve those around us in joy and love.


I am by no means any expert … I am simply stumbling my way through my own journey, desperate for God’s mercy and grace, soaking in His love, and steadied by His faithfulness. I hope you can press into your journey … I’ll see you on the way!



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